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Perimeter has had the pleasure of providing imaging services to CAASCO since August 2010 for the conversion of all Finance related documents to searchable Adobe PDF. Perimeter provides these services to CAASCO on a quarterly basis
throughout the year.
In 2010, Finance wanted to have access to all financial records – expenses, A/P, towing etc. in an electronic format in order to eliminate the ongoing need for staff to continually revisit paper files stored in banker boxes onsite for each
quarter. This process required considerable staff time to locate files, prohibited sharing of files, file tracking was cumbersome when removed from the box, photocopying, faxing etc. also took up considerable time.
The Claims / Insurance group had created an internal imaging capability specifically for their document sets. Finance tried to utilize their scanning systems as needed but demand on the imaging centre was generally at capacity and Finance had to wait for their documents to be completed when there was an opening in production. This caused delays for Finance and their ability to get their data in a timely manner. At the time, the data being scanned was in black and white and was not searchable which also impacted Finance. Colour was important to Finance with their use of colour coded highlighters and
they needed all the machine text to be searchable for quickly finding needed documents. Another issue was audits and the time it took for staff to provide access to the paper records to the auditors. This took considerable time and effort and stretched out the time it took to complete the audit.
Perimeter was brought in to provide outsourced imaging services where we complete pick up of the boxes, indexing of the files, document preparation, scanning at 300 dpi colour and post scan edit for rotation, deskew etc. We provide the data back to CAASCO for posting to their internal DM solution.
The result is we have been able to take this burden off the internal scanning centre, provide high quality, searchable data which has eliminated the need to revert back to searching for paper documents in boxes, having the data available remotely to authorized personnel (a key factor with COVID-19) and dramatically cutting down the time it takes to complete an audit.

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The project was delivered professionally, on time and on budget. I would have no problem recommending this company’s services.

Kerry Newman
Manager, Investment Dealers Association of Canada, Toronto

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