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Automate Data Extraction from Statements of Stakeholder’s Equity

Automate data capture with Perimeters’ AI-powered Statement of Stakeholders Equity OCR & Machine Learning.

Extract data from Statements of Stakeholders Equity & automate workflows for other related use cases.

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Here’s why you will love Perimeter Group’s AI Technology:

  • Realtime processing
  • Capture Statements of Stakeholders Equity from Emails
  • Automated Data Entry

Use cases for Perimeters’ statement of stakeholder’s equity OCR:

  • Automate Asset management workflows/processes.
  • Automate Financial planning and analysis workflows/processes.
  • Automate Financial reporting workflows/processes.


Keep your stake-holders informed in Realtime
Don’t let data entry slow you down

Perimeters’ AI Technology can identify, capture & extract data from all kinds of statements of stakeholders equity. Our AI does not require templates; it learns continuously and can also tackle unknown statement of stakeholders equity formats.

Perimeters’ AI Technology can identify and capture line items from statements of stakeholders equity intelligently.
Perimeters’ AI Technology statement of stakeholders equity capturing is GDPR compliant and we maintain high security standards.

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