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Artificial Intelligence in Mining / Exploration

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  1. Are you or is anyone else in your organization, physically transcribing information from hard copy tabular forms or scanned images into Excel or an ERP program?
  2. How many people in your organization are doing this?  1, 2, or more?
  1. Is transcribing information that person’s main function in the company or is this an additional task they must complete daily/weekly as part of their job function?
  2. How many hours a day are lost to the company in non-productive work when they should be performing their mandated daily functions?
  3. Are they productive when doing this work or are they distracted during data input by other demands on their time to complete their actual job?
  4. What is their accuracy level when completing the data input?  Fatigue,
    distraction, boredom, and frustration can all play a part (even if they want
    to do a great job) in reducing their productivity, compromising the quality
    and level of accuracy in the data.
  5. Do they hate doing this work?  Wouldn’t a geologist want to practice geology not mundane tasks?

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